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Care for you – Peace of mind for your loved-ones

Our mission: to give you the freedom to live the life you want – in your own home

Care Services. Live in care_wynik-min

When a highly-trained carer lives with you in your own home – this is live-in care.

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Perhaps you find there are some personal or domestic tasks that are just too difficult – yet you still want to live in your own home, in familiar surroundings.

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Happy senior woman sitting on wheelchair and recovering from illness. Handicapped mature woman sitting in wheelchair smiling and looking at camera. Portrait of a disabled elderly woman outdoor in a nursing home.

Today, home care is often the preferred solution – giving people the chance to stay in reassuring, familiar surroundings.

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We offer a fully managed clinical home care service. Our nurse-led teams allow those living complex healthcare conditions to live at home as independently as possible.

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Caring for the elderly peoples in park.

This is specialised care for those with serious or terminal illnesses.

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Care Services. Overnight Care_wynik-min

Just because night falls and the rest of the world is looking forward to a good night’s rest, doesn’t mean that the needs of the elderly also come to a close.

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Smiling woman with grandfather on a wheelchair during walk in the park

Caring for a loved-one can be unbelievably stressful and tiring. It can cause anxiety, stress and illness. Expert specialist respite care to give you the chance to take routine breaks to re-charge your batteries.

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Health visitor and a senior man during home visit. A nurse or a physiotherapist helping a senior man exercise.

Are you looking for care for someone with a specific illness or condition? We’re here to help in just those circumstances.

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The Personal care service we offer is there for all kinds of routine tasks that you or a loved-one might need support with.

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Emergency Care

Sometimes events take place so quickly that you don’t know how you’re going to cope. It could be an unforeseen illness or an accident. Or the current carer has let you down. Whatever the reason, you need someone to step in with care – without delay.

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