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Care for you or loved one during the ‘lonely hours’

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Overnight care

Young woman holding an elderly woman's hand.
Happy patient and caregiver spending time together. Senior woman holding cane.

Just because night falls and the rest of the world is looking forward to a good night’s rest, doesn’t mean that the needs of the elderly also come to a close.

Why does overnight care matter?

Some people can manage during the daytime. They might have family nearby or supportive neighbours who are ready at hand to help out. But night times are different. Particularly where sleep patterns are irregular, the night can seem lonely, unsettling, almost frightening.

For so many people, the idea of moving to care or residential home can seem frightening or intimidating.

Our specialist overnight carers will help with any of the following needs

  • Help with the toilet
  • Administering medication
  • Helping to change position in bed – especially following an injury or operation
  • Complex care needs
  • Enabling a good night’s rest, leading to improved overall health
  • Safety for someone living with a condition such as dementia
  • Peace of mind for family members

Our expertly trained overnight carers stay in your home to make sure you feel safe and secure during those lonely hours.

We’re all unique and so should all be treated as such. The overnight care we offer will be bespoke – tailored precisely to your own situation and needs.

Our Overnight Care service is available
alongside several of our other services

Happy patient and caregiver spending time together. Senior woman holding cane.

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